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Competition Categories and Scoring



Each contestant will compete in all categories outlined by the Miss Black Oklahoma Pageant:


  • Personal Interview Competition              30 points

  • Talent Competition                                    50 points

  • Swimsuit Competition                               20 points

  • Evening Wear Competition                       20 points

  • Projection/On-Stage Question                 30 points


    Highest Possible Score per judge            150 points





Contestants are judged on the intelligence, poise, charm, articulation and the ability to think and express their ideas clearly. Judges are looking for knowledge of current events and passion to the contestants chosen cause or critical issue.





Talent is judged on the contestants familiarity with her presentation; her ability to become completely involved in her act; and the degree of difficulty. Audience appeal and the performer’s facial expressions are also considered. All talents must be performed and shall not exceed two minutes and 30 seconds (2:30). One point will be deducted for each 5 seconds the contestant exceeds the time limit.





Contestants are judged on the charm, personality, confidence and ability to model a swimsuit.





In evening wear, the contestants are judged on the ability to walk gracefully in an evening gown, demonstrating poise, charm, personality and confidence. Judges will also look for fit and appropriateness of gown for contestant’s body type.





While on stage, contestants are judged on their impromptu ability to thoroughly answer a random questions articulately, and with confidence poise, charm, and correct usage of the English language.

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